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Gred working

Gred working on sculpture

In the beginning, I didn't realize I wanted to be an Artist. Well, not an artist that created physical sculpture anyway. My artistic journey started with performance in the theatre, light and set design and my greatest desire, directing. This led me to travel, attend school and to work across the pond in England. I experienced the architecture and amazing sculpture of Italy which, I realized years later, had a profound effect on me. Back home, being put into a working situation with stone sparked something - I could  shape, mold and change hard materials with power tools, chisels or whatever I had. This was so creatively different for me that it took me over. I was working professionally in the theatre but found that I wasn't doing what I had set out to do. Stone carving adopted my focus and I realized that it was a journey that could teach me things artistically that I never thought about before. From that time over 15 years, I have attempted to understand form as a feeling, much like a stage performance evokes a feeling. A form can be natural or sculpted or a combination of both. Form needs texture, line and balance to create that "just right" emotion for the viewer and I very much enjoy executing these aspects in stone to find that emotion for myself. What I love most about physical art is that every individual has a different emotion about every piece of art. One piece can be hated by all but life saving for one. Another can be hailed as brilliant by the masses but genuinely not understood by one. I take an individual stone, let it speak to me and evoke that emotion. I then  add what I think would be the proper way to express that feeling that it gave me - sometimes the stone itself is more art than a human can achieve and sometimes the stone allows me to change it entirely, creating something that far exceeds the feeling that I originally had. Like the many layers of a theatre stage show, I add sound, light, surrounding detail and unseen infrastructure to make form a performance. I then present it to you to possibly spark a worthwhile feeling through simplicity or complexity. Telling a good story on stage is challenging. Telling a story through a stone is difficult at best. I simply have to do it, do it the best I can and hopefully each piece will find the one or more people that it truly speaks to.

Born December 6, 1972, Albuquerque, NM


1991-1996 Eastern New Mexico University, Portales

BFA Technical Theater and Design (Art Minor)

1992-1993 University of Plymouth, Exmouth, Devon, England

International exchange Program

1996-1997 Work exchange Program: Brighton, London, England

Brighton Community Theater

Wimbleton Little Theater, London

Scene Design and construction, Light Design, Stage Management

1997-2002 Shakespeare in Santa Fe

Stage Manager, Festival Manager, Scene and Light Design/construction

Prop design/fabrication

1995-1998 Accent Adobe, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, NM

Adobe house builder, general construction

1998-2001 Captain Marble

Granite countertop/other fabrication, installation

2000-Present Rock Steady Designs

Artist owner

2004-2007 Pecos Studio Tour

Organizer, Pecos, NM

2007 Sax Stoneworking Workshop with Kazitaka Uchida, Joseph Kincannon and Kelly Jamison, Rinconada, NM

Public/Private Commissions, Installations and Awards:


-BBR Holding Group, Large Entrance Fountains (Triptic), Fountain Hills, AZ


-First in Show, Septemberfest Fine Art, Midland, TX,

-First in Sculpture, Ruidoso Art festival, Ruidoso, NM

-Entrada Park, Santa Fe, NM, "Vision Passage" 9' tall sculpture


-Private owner,  three travertine yard sculptures, 4', 5' & 6', Scottsdale, AZ


-private owner, large permanent courtyard fountain, hand chiseled Granite, Santa Fe, NM


-Acceptance to "Sculpture on Main", Marble Falls, TX, year long public installation

-Albuquerque Fire Fighters Local 244, large granite bench, Albuquerque, NM

-private owner, 6' custom garden sculpture "Sanctuary", Santa Fe, NM

-private owner, table sculpture "Eclipse", Santa Fe, NM

-private owner, 6' indoor sculpture, "Reciprocity", Santa Fe, NM


-El Meson Restaurant, custom granite bench, Santa Fe, NM

-private owner, 7' custom circulating birdbath sculpture "Love Birds", Santa Fe, NM

-private owner, table sculpture "Sixty Blessings", Albuquerque, NM


-Santa Fe South Side Library, 6' sculpture "Purity", Loaned Art Program, Santa Fe, NM

-People's Bank, custom 7' granite waterwall "Fluidity", Albuquerque, NM

-BODY, custom double sided fountain in wall b/tw rooms "Body Surf", Santa Fe, NM

-Trend Magazine, custom 7' waterwall "Curves", Santa Fe, NM

-private owner, table sculpture "Anniversary Sculpture #4", Santa Fe, NM


-Pritchett Massage Studio, custom double sided fountain in wall b/tw rooms "Kat's Eye", Santa Fe, NM

-private owner, table sculpture "Anniversary Sculpture #2", Santa Fe, NM

Showcases, Galleries and Events:

-2011 - Present: Regularly scheduled juried art shows in AZ, CO, TX and NM, 1-2 per month

-2016 - Present Mark White Fine Art, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

-2013 - 2016 Waxlander Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

-2013 - Present Nicholson-Hardie, Dallas. TX

-2013 - Present Creative Living, Denver, CO

-2013 Cottonwood Arts Festival, Dallas, TX

-2013 Loveland Sculpture Invitational, Loveland, CO

-2011 Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival, Carefree, AZ

-2011 Loveland Sculpture Invitational, Loveland, CO

-2011 Edwards Fine Art & Sculpture Festival, Edwards, CO

-2011 Art in the Park, Dallas, TX

-2011 Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire, Fountain Hills, AZ

-2011 Rio Grande Arts Show, Albuquerque, NM

-2011-present Xanadu Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

-2010-2013 Wild Holly Gallery, Carefree, AZ

-2010 Artfest Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

-2010 BODY of Santa Fe, Solo Show, Santa Fe, NM

-2010 Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire. Fountain Hills, AZ

-2010 Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival, Carefree, AZ

-2009 "Sculpture in the Park" juried sculpture show, Loveland, CO.

-2009 Chicago Art Source, collection of artists

-2009 Guest Artist, Dragonfly Art Studio, Santa Fe, NM, Sculpting workshops w/ children ages 8-14

-2009-2011, J Fine Art Gallery, Taos, NM

-2008-present, Lumina Gallery, Taos, NM

-2003-2009, Art Center at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos,

-2005-2012, Santa Fe Water Gardens, Santa Fe

-2007-2009, Wiford Gallery, Canyon Rd. Santa Fe

-2005-2009, Aspen Stoneworks, Albuquerque

-2008 Salon Mar Graff, Tesuque, NM, Sculpture Show

-2007 Santa Fe Parade of Homes

-2006 Albuquerque Parade of Homes

-2006-2007 Two Pears Gallery, Eldorado, NM

-2003-2007 Mineral and Fossil Gallery, Santa Fe, Taos, Sedona

-2004-2007 Shelu Gallery, Albuquerque

-2006 Crossroads Contemporary, Temporary installation, Santa Fe

-2003-2006 Xeriscape New Mexico conference and Showcase, Guest Artist, Albuquerque

-2003-2006 Rio Grande juried art shows, Albuquerque; Summer and Balloon Fiesta shows

-2004-2006 Terra Bella Gallery, Santa Fe

-2002-2005 Girls Inc. juried art shows, Santa Fe

-2002-2005 Challenge New Mexico juried art shows, Santa Fe

-2002-2005 Santa Fe Fiesta juried art shows, Santa Fe

-2004 Santa Fe Recycled juried art Show, Santa Fe

-2004 Tesuque Flea Market, Santa Fe

-2004-2006 Tropic of Capricorn, Santa Fe

-2002-2003 New Mexico juried art shows, Albuquerque


-August 16, 2010, Santa Fe New Mexican

-2010 season, Northern New Mexico Art Catalouge

-April 2010 The Reporter, Santa Fe

-October 2008 Pasa Tiempo, The New Mexican

-April 2008 Pasa Tiempo, The New Mexican

-June 2007 THE Magazine

-September 2007 Santa Fean Magazine

-October 2007 New Mexican Magazine

-October 2007 Pasa Tiempo, The New Mexican

-October 2007 Icarus, Santa Fe Public Library Blog

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